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How to choose a lawyer?

Do you have an emergency case to be resolved? Are you looking for an urgent lawyer? Here is the complete guidance before you select a lawyer in hurry.

A lawyer, for what?

If you are an individual or a practitioner, the lawyer is your only legal partner who supports and protects you in all aspects of your everyday life. He does not only ensure your defense during a trial but is also your natural advisor for any matter relating to the legal field.

Why choose a lawyer?

My lawyer advises me.

A well known and reputable law firm will informs you of your rights and duties, the rules applicable to your problem and will help you implement the most suitable solution in all law areas. Preventive consultation with a lawyer can save you time and money.

My lawyer drafts my deeds and contracts.

The lawyer has a mission of drafting legal acts, whether they are acts relating to your private life (marriage contract, PACS, children’s residence, testamentary provisions, real estate leases, sales agreement, etc.) or professional (employment contract, commercial contracts, creation and transfer of a business, general conditions of sale, etc.).

The Lawyer Deed, a guarantee of security and quality

The Lawyer Deed, paper or digital, offers professionals and individuals increased legal certainty in all areas of law. By countersigning the document he wrote, the lawyer agrees and certifies that each of the parties has been fully informed of its effects and consequences. It thus guarantees the security and efficiency of the contractual relationship.

My lawyer represents me and defends me.

When no amicable solution has been found, the lawyer represents and defends you at all stages of the procedure by acting in your name and on your behalf before all courts. Thus, he is responsible for carrying out all the necessary steps for a trial: referral to justice, drafting conclusions, pleading, etc.

Choosing a lawyer guarantees:

His competence

A lawyer has undergone initial high-level training and obtained the certificate of aptitude for the lawyer (CAPA) profession, which guarantees his competence in all law areas. Also, he is required to undergo compulsory continuing education throughout his professional life.

Its rigorous ethics

By taking an oath, the lawyer guarantees his independence, loyalty, probity, the confidentiality of discussions, and professional secrecy to protect your interests.

His responsibility

Its civil liability insurance covers faults that the lawyer could commit in the management of your case and which would cause you damage or loss of luck.

The lawyer engages his responsibility when he gives advice or seizes a court, unlike non-lawyer service providers exercising an illegal legal activity, who systematically exclude him in the event of an incorrect or inappropriate answer.

Security of transactions 

An intra-professional body, under the responsibility of the Bar Association, is responsible for controlling, securing, and validating all transactions within the framework of a legal or judicial act. Thus, any handling of funds carried out by a lawyer is deposited in a specific account opened in CARPA books.

How to choose an urgent lawyer?

A choice that depends on the nature of your case or your dispute!

The free choice of a lawyer is a fundamental principle. It is not a question of recommending one lawyer rather than another but providing you with the main elements that can help you make your choice.

Many fields of activity and specializations

The lawyer’s missions are many and extremely varied, which often leads him to have one or more predilection areas.

Even if most of them practice any legal matter indifferently, lawyers, throughout their experience, refine their skills in one or more specific fields of activity.

Some of them have their skills in one or more disciplines certified by a specialization mention. We then speak of specialist lawyers. Learn more about the areas of expertise.

Find your lawyer

Lawyers directory

If you do not know a lawyer, you can consult the list of lawyers near your home through the lawyer directory.

The online consultation platform

You can also make an appointment, ask your questions, or request an online consultation with a lawyer. You can contact an urgent lawyer on the official legal advice platform. You will refine your search according to its field of activity, its geographical sector, and its fees.

Hotlines and free consultations

As part of their mission to facilitate access to law, many bars also provide permanence in courthouses, town halls, or houses of justice and law. You can meet lawyers during consultations organized within the framework of partnerships between bars and public utility organizations or associations.

How much does a lawyer cost?

The lawyer is a liberal professional whose amount of fees is freely fixed with his client. It is often difficult to determine the cost of a case in advance, as much of its progress is unknown. Your lawyer must submit to you, before any intervention, a fee agreement.

Four billing methods

The criteria for setting a lawyer’s fees are linked to the difficulty of the case, the time devoted to your case, the specialization or reputation of the lawyer as well as the costs he incurs.

The fee for the time spent

You decide with your lawyer to pay him by the hour. As far as possible, this should tell you the foreseeable number of hours needed to process your case.

The fixed fee

You agree with your lawyer on a total remuneration for handling your case. This practice is generally only conceivable for “standard” procedures, involving few risks such as divorce by mutual consent or incorporating a company, for example.

The result fee

It can only complement a minimum fee (fixed or time spent) defined with your lawyer. Depending on the outcome of your case, it may thus be agreed on additional remuneration.


If you regularly and regularly use your lawyer for services, you can conclude a subscription contract with him. This formula is mainly used in company law, tax law, or even social law in practice.

If your resources are limited, you can benefit from legal aid covering all or part of a lawyer’s fees.

How do I settle a dispute with my lawyer?

The subject of your disagreement with your attorney will determine which avenues are available for you, so you have several options.

The dispute concerns the fees.

You can contact the legal profession’s consumer mediator, whose contact details appear on the fee agreement that was given to you by your lawyer. Your request and all supporting documents can be sent by post, e-mail, or directly online. Before entering the mediator, you must have lodged a complaint with your lawyer, remained unanswered within two months, or whose response does not satisfy you.

Enter the consumer mediator.

You also have the option of filing your complaint with the President of the Bar to which your lawyer is attached. A registered letter must be formulated with acknowledgment of receipt or delivered to the Bar Association against a receipt.

The dispute is on another subject.

If you have other difficulties with your lawyer: unexplained delays, lack of response to correspondence, repeated refusals to meet, absence of the lawyer at the hearing, unfounded postponements, etc., you can seize the President the Bar on which your lawyer depends.

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