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Internet Pharmacy: A Key Bridge Between Drug Demand And Supply

In recent years, there’ve been a lot of factors that have lead to drug shortages. From the soaring prices of prescription medication and issues with the supply chain to geographical boundaries, many patients are unable to access the medication that they need in a timely manner. Thankfully with technology and the advent of Internet pharmacies (online pharmacies), there has been a significant improvement in patient’s access to medications. Keep reading to see how Internet pharmacies are bridging the gap between drug demand and supply.

Better access

Geographic restrictions contribute largely to the poor access patients have to their medications. For people who live in rural areas, getting a timely supply of medications can prove difficult. Internet pharmacies take away this difficulty. With just a few clicks, patients get to browse through a wide variety of products that can be delivered right to their doorstep, thus, spreading access and increasing the availability of medicines to many.

Most of these Internet pharmacies like Canada Drugs also provide access to detailed descriptions of each product they sell, including the services of a licensed pharmacist for any questions patients have about dosage, drug interactions, and side effects.


Many traditional brick and mortar pharmacies may not be able to meet the demand of customers when it comes to finding specific brands of medication. Buying medications online, however, affords patients the opportunity to conveniently shop different stores till they find the specific brand of medication they are looking for.

Lower prices

Another factor that greatly influences the supply of medications to patients is money. With the prices of prescription medications constantly on the rise, many patients are looking for cost-effective ways to fill their prescriptions. Online pharmacies offer very competitive prices on all types of prescription and over the counter medications (generic and brand-name). Many of them also offer coupons and discounts on referrals.


Not every patient can walk or drive to get their prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy. Internet pharmacies offer the convenience of allowing patients to access their medications and get expert medical advice from the comfort of their homes. Online pharmacies are also available 24/7, so patients will not only be able to put in orders at any time, but someone is always available to attend to their needs at all hours.

Some online pharmacies offer automatic refills as part of the services they provide. This enables proper drug management as patients won’t have to worry about missing or forgetting to put in orders for their refills.

Ease of use

Another great way Internet pharmacies are improving drug supply is their ease of usage, even with the elderly. The process of buying medication at online pharmacies is quite simple and straightforward. Comparing prices and products is also much easier this way.


Internet pharmacies are providing a solution for the issues that most patients have with accessing the right medication at the right time. They are meeting consumer demands by making drugs available, affordable and easier to access.

Sophia Masters
Sophia Masters
Sophia Masters is our politics writer, and she’s always across the latest breaking stories when it comes to often crazy world of politics. She’s skilled at filtering out the ‘boring bits’ of politics and brings her readers all the juicy detail and analysis.

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