Elder Scrolls Online Duping Bug Discovered

The-Elder-Scrolls-Online-1Today, Zenimax Online Studios closed down the guild banks in Elder Scrolls Online due to a duping bug that was discovered.

The bug allowed players to duplicate mass amounts of items which could be sold for gold by simply stacking them in the guild bank and withdrawing them.

The bug was first reported on Reddit by user Mistress-Rarity and many comments in the post advise that players attempted to tell Zenimax about the bug in the BETA through help tickets.

Unfortunately, it never was fixed and now mass amounts of money is spreading through The Elder Scrolls Online economy.

It’s worth noting that many could have done this accidently due to how simple of a bug it is.

Hopefully guild functionality will be restored soon as there is not a timetable for when it will be turned back on.  Zenimax better get its act together quickly.  There have been many issues plaguing the game since launch such as broken NPCs that hinder quest progression and little bugs such as horse mounting.

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