New Pokemon Tournaments

pokemonvgc1Last week, two big announcements came from Nintendo regarding Pokemon and its online battle competitions. Firstly, it announced another International Challenge, a global tournament that will take place from May 16th through the 19th. Sign ups for the tournament will begin May 9th and will be open until the 16th.

This tournament will feature the standard Video Game Cup rules for the series, limiting trainers to using only Pokemon caught or hatched in the Kalos region and banning powerful legendary Pokemon Zygarde, Mewtwo, Xerneas, and Yveltal. The International Challenge will be a doubles tournament, so trainers entering should keep that in mind when forming their teams.

Additionally, the next Special Battle Season has been announced as well and will feature “Inverse Battles” as the theme. Inverse Battles are a new type of battle unique to Pokemon X and Y that takes standard type match-ups and reverses them, so that moves that were once “super-effective” are now “not very effective” and vice versa.

This will be the first time Inverse Battles will be available for online play. Trainers interested in joining the fun will be happy to hear that the entire Nation Pokedex will be available to use, with the exception of powerful legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Celebi, Ho-Oh, Palkia, Kyurem, and several others. The Special Battle Season begins May 13th and ends July 15th.


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