Release Date Revealed For Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls On PS4 And Xbox One

Fellow gamers, release your bated breath, the date is here. On August 19th, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls will be unleashed to both next gen consoles and their last generation counter parts.

HC3HCU1BBILY1399898461698 That’s right, the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 will receive this long-awaited content, along with the Ultimate Evil edition. This bundle will be for those gamers who have been waiting for the Reaper of Souls expansion to purchase the base game.

Costs for the bundle are $59.99 for next gen consoles, and $39.99 for last gen, and with this new update will come features exclusive to console. These features include transferring original save files from last generation’s consoles to the next generation edition, character gifts for legendary loot items, and an exciting new social feature: Avenger Kills.

Avenger Kills uses the friend function in a unique way. Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger explains that if a player is killed while fighting a monster, that monster takes on a customized title for the player like “Matthew’s Bane” and begins to hunt one of the defeated player’s friends and gains a level. If that friend is also defeated, the monster’s title grows to become the bane of your friend group (like a monster in real life would), and so on and so forth until some one defeats the monster.

The player who is able to defeat the monster basks in the bragging rights, takes on some impressive XP, and wins some cool loot for himself and the most recently defeated friend.

More news on this to come, Diablo fans. As well, if you are a handheld gamer, watch for the potential release for the Reaper of Souls expansion for PS Vita. Berger admits “it’s on our radar.”

Source: Polygon

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