Ubisoft Releases Resolutions for Watch Dogs on Next Gen Consoles

WatchDogs-preview-1Today, Ubisoft confirmed to GameSpot that Watch Dogs will run at 792p on Xbox One while PS4 will run at 900p, both running at 30fps.

Just last week, news circulated that Sony had updated it’s promotional site for Watch Dogs to reflect the game running in 1080p at 60fps, claiming to be the best system to play the game on.

However, the details of the resolution and frames per second were removed only leaving the claim that PS4 would be the best system to play Watch Dogs.

Definitely a set back considering Sony had to retract their initial claim.  Quite embarrassing snafu with only a couple weeks until launch.

All has been corrected now, though, and does the news of frames per second and resolution really matter to you, the gamer?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Watch Dogs is scheduled to be released on May 27 and is one of the most anticipated games of 2014.

Source: GameSpot


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