Titanfall Gets New Updates

With update number five only a few weeks behind us, this–update number six–has quite an impressive lineup of new features, changes, and improvements.


After it’s success in the last update, Marked for Death has been awarded a permanent position in Titanfall game modes. The original intent was for it to be a limited time specialty game mode to offer a new flavor of the Attrition (TDM) game mode, and that it would be replaced with the new update’s game mode:

Pilot Skirmish will address some of the frustrations of many long-time pilots that the game had been heavily driven by AI combatants (Grunts and Spectres). This new mode will be 8v8 (compared to the standard 6v6) and will not have the availability for Titans. It’s truly meant to be pilot-centric.

The Black Market will now also include daily deals for a random set of cards with varying prices according to their availability, you’ll be able to gamble for ultra-rare burn cards with the new Roll the Dice feature, and keeping with the burn card news, you can now also toggle an auto-fill function for your vacant burn card slots so that you don’t have to spend so much time between rounds shuffling with your deck.


There’s also a large list of other minor fixes and changes that you can find here on Titanfall’s news and updates pages, and more news hopefully to be announced at PAX prime starting tomorrow.

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