Destiny Players find a NEW Loot Cave – 2.0

Loot is aplenty despite Bungie recently shutting down Destiny’s treasure cave. The old cave was patched but within less than a day players have figured out a new farming location to suit all your loot needs.

As seen in the video posted above by PS4Trophies the new location is in the Rocketyard area of the Old Russia on Earth planet. In this area the enemies spawn every six seconds (just like the original Skywatch treasure cave) near a hallway so that they are sort of funneled through where the player, from far away, can easily pick them off. If you run out of ammo then just check the remains and drops and you’ll be sure to fill your clips and over time pick up some precious precious booty!

Bungie has yet to comment on the new found loot cave. However they did explain why they shut down the first loot cave yesterday, “shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn’t our dream for how Destiny is played”. A respectable stance from Bungie as they wish for the player to really experience the game instead of farming regenerating baddies for wicked cool items.

Bungie also stated that, along with the patch of the first loot cave, they will be making more changes to Destiny very soon. The changes will include weapon balancing, letting players opt into voice chat, and some adjustments to Strike bosses. If this helped you, then let us know in the comment section below! Keep following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: PS4Trophies

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