Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Combat Evolved Questions Answered

A couple days back a new Halo Bulletin came out with some interesting information regarding Halo: Combat Evolved within the upcoming release of the Halo Collection.

So here is what we know via some of the most asked questions to the team. Combat Evolved in The Master Chief Collection will include all of the game types and custom game types you remember from the original Combat Evolved.  In The Master Chief Collections you will find a variety of ways to play each game, there will be separate playlists that include the radar and not include the radar in Combat Evolved.

Now here is a good one for all of you! The PC exclusive maps for Combat Evolved and Halo 2 will be included in both custom games and matchmaking in the new Halo: The Master Chief Collection!  Exciting news for those of us who only played the games on the console will now get a slice of new experience when the collections hits the shelves.

And finally, when playing Combat Evolved, there will be different weapon sets. You will be able to choose from “classic” which is the original console version and does not include the Flamethrower or the Fuel Rod Gun; or PC version which will have both of those weapons included.

As a fan of the Xbox from the start I’m very excited to get this collection and play through all the different modes. Will you be getting the collection and what are you excited about mostly so far? tell us at @APGNation of hit me up personally @elfizz or simply leave a comment below!

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