GamerGate Responds To Calls For Bullying With Anti-Bullying Charity

If you’ve not been following the GamerGate drama over the last few weeks you might be confused as to why a group that is often portrayed as a hate group by other media sources is donating to a bullying prevention charity. Sadly, the response to the latest articles slamming GamerGate, and by some in the tech and games journalism industry, was to call or show support for bullying. Specifically for the bullying of those perceived as “nerds”.

Gamer Gate Responds

Sam Bidle (Senior Editor at Gawker), calls for Bullying of Nerds and is favorited by those in the industry.

The response from GamerGate has been some what predicable, incredulity and outrage by most. What was not predictable was that a core of GamerGate would point out that October is National Bullying Prevention Month. That rather than tweet they should act and channel their outrage into something good for those that are vulnerable to bullying.

A Gamer Gater setup a charity on the site for PACER’s (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) National Bullying Prevention Center. This was tweeted on the #Gamergate and posted on other social media by some of GamerGate’s most prominent figures. The response so far has been tremendous and shows just how generous Gamers are. At the time of writing the fund just past $4,120 USD well past the initial goal of $2,500 USD.

Regardless of what side of the #GamerGate issue you’re on, we can all agree that bullying is still a serious problem in society and that calls for violence are never the answer.

If you wish to donate the fund can be found here.

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