Spotlight: Top Fundraising Extra-Life Teams

To date gamers have raised over five million dollars for Extra-Life, a charity intended to benefit sick and injured kids as well as their families. The Extra-Life Charity drive officially started on October 25th, there are currently over two months left for the charity effort. At the rate its going I’m really excited to see what the final amount raised will be. The funds raised can really make a difference in the lives of children all over the world. 

Here are the current top fundraising teams for the Extra-Life 2014 charity drive. All teams are valuable regardless of the size of their contribution to Extra-Life but these companies, communities and more importantly gamers have raised a truly extraordinary amount of money for a good cause. We at APGNation salute them!

Top Fundraising Extra-Life Teams

KBMod extra-life

KBMOD and the Internet Famous – amount raised so far $244,909


KBMOD (Keyboard + Mouse or Die) is a PC Gaming website, consisting of a weekly podcast, content hub and close-knit gaming community.

KBMOD was founded in May 2011 out of a desire for a different kind of PC Gaming news coverage, but has evolved into something much more over the years.  We produce content daily on Twitchbroadcasts, YouTube, and our website,  The community also plays together with our broadcasters on various community servers, including a Mumble voice chat server, Minecraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  Community driven events are at the core of KBMOD.

We’ve formed partnerships with brands as Twitch, Blue Microphones, GUNNAR Optiks, and many popular online content creators. To date, we have helped raise over $300,000 for charities such as Children’s Miracle Network’s Extra Life and Child’s Play Charities.

RoosterTeeth Extra-life

RoosterTeeth – amount raised so far $243,903


Rooster Teeth is a creative production studio responsible for award-winning online videos such as Red vs. Blue, the longest running web series in history; the reality gamer series The Gauntlet; comedy series Rooster Teeth Shorts; the upcoming animated series RWBY; and Immersion, a show that tests video game concepts in the real world.

Rooster Teeth founded and operates the gaming website and produces the award-winning Rooster Teeth Podcast, voted Best Gaming Podcast at the 2012 Podcast Awards.

With a dedicated worldwide fan community, Rooster Teeth created RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo), an annual gaming and Internet convention held in Austin, TX which attracts thousands of gamers, online video fans, and Rooster Teeth community members from around the world.

The Rooster Teeth YouTube channel became the 8th most viewed YouTube channel in the world (non-music) in 2012, now with over 5 million YouTube subscribers and 2.2 billion views, and the Rooster Teeth website has 5 million unique monthly visitors with 1.4 million registered community members.

Rooster Teeth has won multiple awards, including 2011 and 2012 Best Animated Series (Red vs. Blue) from the IAWTV, and has been featured by hundreds of major publications and networks including MTV, G4, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, Wired Magazine, and many more.

GiantBomb Extra-lief

GiantBomb – amount raised so far $189,920


Giant Bomb is an American video game website and wiki that includes personality driven gaming videos, commentary, news and reviews, created by former GameSpot editors Jeff Gerstmannand Ryan Davis in collaboration with Whiskey Media. The website was voted by Time magazine as one of the Top 50 websites of 2011. The website was acquired by CBS Interactive in March 2012.

Reddit Extra-life

Reddit – amount raised so far $100,190


The “front page” of the internet has their own Extra-Life team consisting of popular redditors and employees of Reddit. The Reddit community is well known for their charitable efforts and they easily raised the $100,000 goal for their Extra-Life charity event, and but have not lost their steam and are still powering on. 

Trion Worlds Extra-life

Trion Worlds – amount raised so far $92,226

Trion worlds an MMO developer and the minds behind RIFT and other successful mmos are handing out codes for special in game items to people who donated to their Extra-Life charity team.


Trion Worlds is the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era. Powered by a breakthrough development and publishing platform, Trion delivers high-quality, fully dynamic and massively social content across video game genres, gaming platforms and mass-market entertainment formats. Our world-class team, comprised of some of the most respected names in the industry, is revolutionizing online gaming.

If you’re interested in donating or joining an Extra-Life team head over to It’s for a good cause and all donations are tax-deductible. Also be sure to follow @APGnation for more gaming news and reviews.



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