New Etherium Trailer Shows Off Tactical Action

If any of you are looking to sate your RTS addiction in the near future then we have a present for you — brand new trailer for the forthcoming game Etherium.

This new video — not a beta build or team commentary — focuses on four minutes of uninterrupted gameplay straight from a nearly final version of the game. Catch a glimpse of the three factions you can take control of, various units, and all sorts of other things that you’ll be able to get your hands on when Etherium launches early next yea. You’ll also be treated to a brief taste of Conquest mode where you take the helm of a great empire and seek to conquer the cosmos by crushing all who stand before you. All you wannabe galactic overlords can fix your eyes just a bit below to see what awaits you next year:

Etherium is a game of space conquest. Expand your death grip on the universe by researching new technologies, creating new units, and destroying anyone unlucky enough to get in your way. And the best part? All of this in an emergent setting, as Etherium‘s Conquest mode’s seven planets can be tackled in any order you see fit. Another of the game’s more interesting features can be seen in the various planets’ conditions and terrain. Dynamic weather present across all seven worlds in Conquest mode can provide unique opportunities for an assembled army. Each world’s topography can inform a would-be Commander’s battle plans and even offer natural fortification. There are more factors to account for in Etherium than just resouces and a tech tree. 

Developed by Tindalos Interactive, a indie game studio located in Paris, France which was founded in 2010, Etherium hits Steam next year and you can preorder it right now here. For more videogame news and reviews make sure to follow us on Twitter @APGNation.

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