HellRaisers Secure Slot in Asia Championships. Navi and PowerRangers Advance to Wild Card Qualifiers

HellRaisers secured the European slot for the Dota 2 Asia Championships today with a 3-2 victory over PowerRangers. The Ukraine-based team is now invited to the LAN finals in early February to fight it out for a piece of the 1.7 million dollar prize pool. HellRaisers is best known for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, however this foray into the Dota 2 scene has turned some heads.

Having won the winners bracket, HellRaisers began the series with a one round advantage, forcing PowerRangers to fight uphill to secure victory. Game one of the series was full of action, kills constant from start to finish. But throughout the match HellRaisers were in full control of the game, and secured the victory. Despite an early kill advantage for PowerRangers during game two of the series, they struggled to capitalize on their skirmishes, resulting in the loss of two sets of barracks. PowerRangers managed to rally an offensive to secure a nail-biting victory over HellRaisers. PowerRangers followed up in game three, laying the smackdown on HellRaisers and forcing a surrender at the 15-minute mark.

PowerRangers turning the series around, putting the hurt on HellRaisers

PowerRangers turning the series around, putting the hurt on HellRaisers

Later, despite HellRaisers suffering a series of missteps, including HR.ARTES (Axe) having his boots destroyed by PR.Ditya.Ra (Lycan), HellRaisers overcame the veteran team to score victory of the European qualifiers.

Notice that Axe is a proud  carry that doesn't need no Tranquil Boots

Notice that Axe is a proud carry that doesn’t need no Tranquil Boots

Do not despair PowerRanger and Navi fans, as these two runner-ups will continue on in the wildcard tournament to fight for the two slots for the LAN finals. You can catch them on January 28th competing for their chance at the huge and growing prize pool!

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