Law and Order SVU #Gamers Episode Final Verdict: Everybody’s Mad

Wednesday night featured the eagerly anticipated Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode “Intimidation Game”,  loosely based on a trending topic in the gaming community: misogyny in the gaming community. Surprising absolutely nobody, the show took the tagline “gamers are terrorists” literally and the episode featured some seriously terrorist-like gamers. As a realistic adaptation of the scandal would make a boring episode of people writing angry tweets to each other for days. PCMag did a wonderful summary of the episode with all its forced dialogue and video game pun glory. If you don’t feel like watching the whole episode yourself, then check it out — but we encourage you to watch it.

Prominent gaming personalities came out to voice disapproval. Some voiced anger at once again having gamers depicted as violent and reinforcing outsiders’ perspectives on the hobby and its community.

Others also voiced their displeasure at the gratuitous violence that escalated to a fault, and made their political struggle appear comical and difficult to believe:

Those that have identified as more neutral on the issue also voiced their displeasure. Mainly that gaming has now come full circle back to the early 2000’s when there was moral panic about gamers being murderers, as well as brought out some other gaming personalities that were very unappreciative of the current representation of gaming in the mainstream media.

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