Sombrero Closed Alpha Released

Developer PixelMetal recently reached out with information on their upcoming title Sombrero, self-described: “Spaghetti Western Mayhem, think Super Smash Brothers meets Capture the Flag…with a little bit of Dark Souls ‘bonfire kindling’ thrown in.”


This arena battler pits players against player for victory depending on the selected game mode. “Loot!” has players roaming the map attempting to loot more cash than their opponents. Bonfires scattered across the map multiply the amount of cash players loot per bag, so players will be scrambling around the map for loot bags while dodging enemy gunfire and jockeying for control of bonfires to improve loot output. Classic Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes are also available for some good old-fashioned fun. Check out some alpha footage of the loot game mode below.

PixelMetal was kind enough to send us a download of the current alpha version. It initially reminded me of The Showdown Effect, one of my personal favorites. Keep an eye out for a First Impression article in the future after I get some friends together to take the local multiplayer for a spin! Also keep an eye out for our interview with the developer!

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