Kingdom Come: Deliverance Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary of Kickstarter Funding

Prague-based developer Warhorse Studios recently celebrated the first anniversary of Kingdom Come: Deliverance – an open-world sandbox RPG set in medieval Europe – being successfully funded on Kickstarter. Since the Kickstarter concluded, Warhorse Studios has relocated to a new office, built a motion capture studio, and launched an early-access Alpha of Kingdom Come. Warhorse founders Daniel Vavra and Martin Klima recently took to YouTube to offer their thanks for the fans’ support and to announce their plans for the coming months regarding Kingdom Come.

In addition to the video, Vavra and Klima sent an e-mail to their backers and followers outlining their journey – from shopping the game around to publishers, deciding to launch a Kickstarter, and successfully funding their game.

Thanks to 16.000 alpha players we have got a lot of helpful feedback and we plan to add even more content to next updates beginning with lock picking in March 2015. Thanks to never-ending enthusiasm of new players attracted by the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance we were able to announce beautiful 44.444 backers in February! Thanks to new bakers we have been able to reach even the last stretch goal from Kickstarter, thus you can look forward to historical codex, better voiceovers, dog companion and more.

The passion this team has for the project is very evident, and as they reach each of their goals they’re cheerfully adding more stretch goals. To keep up with Warhorse Studios and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, visit their site, check them out on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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