Gaming on a Budget 4/16/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget is going be a tad unusual. Some of the games we have played and some of them we have not. We thought we would take this chance this week and make use of this latest bundle. Yet another Humble Bundle is now available and there are some great titles this month in the Origin Humble Bundle 2. So, without further ado, here are this week’s deals.


The first game we actually had previously last week and normally would avoid repeating, but it is part of this bundle and we would remiss not to mention it. Here is the excerpt from that article. “Dragon Age: Origins puts you in the shoes of the Hero of Ferelden, and individual with the power to help save mankind from the Blight. The Blight is somewhat of a plague sweeping through the land. Hideous creatures are rising from the land, as the Fade slips. Mages of the circle are being rounded up and slaughtered needlessly, but why? Whispers of blood magic are on people’s tongues, but can anyone do anything about it? Does anyone want to do anything about or would they rather just execute those desperate enough to try it? The Blight is upon the land and only you can save us.”


The next game is a sequel to a series that sadly somewhat fell apart at the end of its conclusion. The story thankfully remains solid and the second title, Dead Space 2 is no exception. What are the markers and why were they built? What lurks around every single corner? You’ll be wondering whether of not that elevator or air vent is safe. With an upgraded rig suit, Isaac Clarke sets out to cure the trauma and piece together the shattered pieces of his psyche. Discovering what happened to Nicole really screwed him up mentally. He’s seeing visions and voices keep compelling him to “make us whole”. He’s in a whole mess of trouble and will have to relive that hellish nightmare in order to uncover the truth behind the whispers.


Did you enjoy Dragon Age: Origin? Are you looking for more of the world to cut your teeth on? Good news. Dragon Age II is included in this week’s Humble Origin bundle. With a completely revamped and improved combat system, you will step into the shoes of Hawk—a hero dealt a very bad hand in life, his family torn from his grasp. he will rebuild himself and his reputation, regaining what was lost and squandered of the family wealth. Sorting out cultural disputes as you help the Qunari gain legitimacy or discovering the mysterious properties of a strange red stone. Why does it whisper to you? Are you hearing voices? No, it must be your imagination.  sadly didn’t do well due to its lack of impressive set-pieces. Many maps felt quite similar, but the story was still quite compelling and the characters will keep you enthralled. Worth playing just the once at least. I urge you to make your own decision.


We outlined Mass Effect last week and, fortunately, the Origin Humble Bundle has included the sequel. Mass Effect 2 improved on its predecessor in every way. With a much more expansive conversation system, a well-crafted story, a streamlined abilities system, and improved gunplay, Mass Effect 2 still remains one of the greatest sci-fi roleplaying games in recent memory. Infiltrator classes can sneak around silently and invisibly, waiting for the perfect moment to pull off that headshot, while those who like their combat meaty and full of blood can choose the powerful vanguard. Limited to shotguns and pistols, their specialty is up close and dirty. Charge towards enemies taking them down from a distance before finishing them off with a powerful shotgun blast. The choice is yours in this science fiction space opera.


Dragon Age, Peggle, Dead Space, Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault and Command and Conquer: Generals are all available in the Humble Origin Bundle 2 at whatever price you wish to donate to charity, but the sequels, Dragon Age II and Mass effect 2, as well as Bejeweled 3 and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, require you to pay a bit more than the average donation. This at the time of writing is still only a pittance of $4.91—practically giving away a number of absolutely stellar AAA titles. There’s also mystery titles that are still as of yet to be unlocked, so grab your own bundle to make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing deal.

To stay up to date with more amazingly cheap titles for the dedicated gaming miser, feel free to follow the Nation on Twitter. We hope you enjoy this week’s recommendations.

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