E3 2015: No Man’s Sky Shows New Gameplay

Hello Games engaged the crowds of Sony’s press conference for E3 earlier this evening with a gameplay demonstration of No Man’s Sky.

The demonstration, coming as a major announcement after near silence for almost half a year, is providing a first look into the depth and progress that the game has made. On display was all the major aspects of the gameplay, including space combat — which will allow for a player to assist any faction they desire to win an ongoing battle — the fast movement between solar systems which is done through a hyperdrive system, and the cataloging of fauna on new planets.


The gameplay continued with the discovery of a new planet called Sugas-Uomi, which was explored by Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games. He proceeded to show viewers the way explorers could destroy parts of the terrain and, from what was seen, acquire different elements through this destruction. At that moment, a sentinel that were according to Murray “guarding the planet” attempted to stop him from his intrusion on the planet.

The demonstration concluded with the introduction of beacons, in which discoveries made by the player throughout the universe are uploaded to other players around the world.

When discussing the size of the game Murray declared that, “Every one of these points of light is a sun, and every one of those suns has its own solar system with planet sized planets orbiting around it. And those have life, ecology… most of these places have never been visited and many never will be.”


Murray also promised that a release date for the game will be made clear very soon. More information will likely be forthcoming in the following months.

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