E3 2015: Planet Coaster, New from Frontier Studios

Frontier Studios have announced a new game similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon and Bullfrog’s Theme Park World called Planet Coaster.

Announced via the PC Gaming Show at E3 hosted by PC Gamer, Frontier Studios took a break from space to show us all something that’s a complete 180 for the successful space sim company. Frontier Studio’s CEO David Braben was happy to announce Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved as “something the company has wanted to do for a while”, and something they “hope will revitalize the genre”.  Braben then showed off the world premiere trailer for Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved.

The trailer was extremely simple with a man just standing in a park. Trees and pathways suddenly spring up beneath the man’s feet as he runs along the forming footpath. As he does this the path splits off, forming structures like ferris wheels and admission booths. A fully realized theme park is seen as a roller coaster materializes above his head, while people ride along its rails.

Braben was also pleased to announce that at the time the game’s premiere was announced, PC gamers are able to pre-order it from their site, and that the game will be out sometime next year. No further details about Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved have been revealed as of this time.

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