Disgaea 5 Battle Secrets Revealed!

The Disgaea series has always provided players with a variety ways to dispatch their demonic foes. Between over the top weapon skills, explosive elemental magic, and million hit long combo attacks. The Disgaea series has a rich heritage of carnage and overkill to its ten years history, but that didn’t stop the folks at Nippon Ichi from coming up with a few new ones for Disgaea 5.

Alliance Attack: While Team Attacks — in which multiple characters lay the hurt on a single foe — have always been a part of Disgaea. Alliance attacks take the concept one step further and allow specific characters to band together for massive damage.

Revenge Mode: This one is simple, the more damage your allies take or even die the stronger your characters get. When pushed far enough Revenge Mode can even grant characters powerful abilities known as Overloads that can help to turn the tide of even the most difficult of battles.

Overloads: Powerful skills only usable by characters in Revenge Mode, Overloads are flashy, explosive skills that promise insane animation and damage for your troubles.

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As if that wasn’t enough, this September 15th NIS will also release a compilation collection containing Disgea 3, 4, and D2 for the Playstation 3. Titled the Disgea Triple Play Collection, this bundle provides the perfect entry point for fans looking to give the series a try before Disgea 5 hits the PlayStation 4 on October 5th.

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