The Witcher 3 is Getting a New Game Plus Mode

CD Projekt Red have announced through a tweet that the last free DLC for The Witcher 3 will be a New Game Plus mode. So far there has been 15 other pieces of free DLC with the most recent including  a new set of finishing moves for Geralt. New Game Plus was a universal request among the community, so it is nice to once again see the developers doing their best to please the fans. There is no official release for the last bit of free DLC, but CD Projekt Red have said they just need a bit more time to finish it.


This is the last bit of free content before the paid DLC begins in October. Heart Of Stone will be the first part of the expansion pass to release, boasting over ten hours of new gameplay. It will see Geralt venturing in No Man’s Land, and completing a quest for the elusive Man of Glass.

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