Maciej Binkowski Sounds off on Dying Light 2

Dying-Light 2

During a recent interview with Maciej Binkowski on the Playstation Access Youtube Channel, the host asked him if there had been any plans for a sequel. While keeping mostly tight-lipped, Maciej did concede “It would be stupid if we did not make a sequel”. So while there isn’t an official confirmation, that’s the closest we will get to them saying they plan to make a sequel. I imagine they will wait to finish all the DLC they have planned for Dying Light before they start production on a next iteration. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard something next year!

Techland are currently showing off the newest piece of DLC for Dying Light called The Following. It completely changes up the Dying Light formula by letting players run loose in a huge countryside area, in which you now have vehicles to mess about in. The Following also sees Kyle Crane embroiled in another story, although the details are currently a little bit scarce. Expect to hear more as we get closer to release. The Following will be free to those with an expansion pass and $14.99 to those without. Considering the expansions size, that seems like a fair price in my opinion.

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