Updated: Gaming on a Budget 9/11/2015 Edition

Update: Sadly the sales for this article have ended; however, the PSN price of the first Blood Omen is still the same.

Well, this week was the massive Humble Store sale. With discounts across the board from Square Enix, Deep Silver, Ubisoft, and Focus, there’s a lot for a poverty-stricken gamer to sink their teeth into. I present to you just a few of my all time favourite titles in the bunch. Most of them, no surprise, are stealth games.


The granddaddy of them all, and still one of the most atmospheric first-person titles ever. Thief has a hell of a legacy. It all started with The Dark Project. Thief: The Dark Project put players into the shoes of a master thief, Garrett. He was marked for death after refusing to join a crime ring. He decides the best way to get revenge for this insult is to rob his assassin blind.

Introducing the shadow system that we now see quite prevalent in games like Styx: Master of Shadows and the Splinter Cell series, Thief was ahead of its time. It was one of those rare titles that meant being spotted usually meant death. There were real consequences for being found, making the game that much more tense. Thief: The Dark Project is available until the end of tomorrow as part of the Humble Bundle sale. It’s the gold edition, which includes the extra campaign missions and the new enemies. You’d be crazy not to grab it at just $1.74.


I’d be remiss if I were to leave it there, and not include the fantastic sequel. Thief II: The Metal Age was another standout title from Looking Glass Studios that did everything a good sequel should; expanding on the concepts, story and gameplay of the first and improving them tenfold. The game starts similarly to the first game, with Garrett being ambushed on the way home. Once more, someone wants him dead and it’s up to him to find out who.

It’s not so simple as removing the offender this time. There’s a conspiracy brewing, and only a master thief will have the tools and the knowledge to stop the dark project in motion. Thief II: The Metal Age was a worthy successor and like its predecessor is only $1.74 until the end of tomorrow. That’s all the space I’m going to give Thief for now. However, it is worth noting that the third sequel Deadly Shadows while different, was still a fantastic example of stealth gameplay. It’s also on sale. It’s worth mentioning.


Vampires have been through the ringer. They’ve been done to death, usually poorly and everyone’s mostly sick of them, right? I know I am; however this time round is different. Forget practically all you know about the mythology of Vampires and embark on an adventure in the breathtaking landscape of Nosgoth.

Raziel is Kain’s lieutenant; that is until he has the audacity to evolve beyond his superior’s physicality. His reward is pain, anguish and a life stolen from him. Now a mere shell of his former self, he has been tasked with ending Kain’s reign and helping to heal the land of Nosgoth. Featuring the talents of Michael Bell, the Late, great Tony Jay, and Simon Templeman, you really can’t go wrong. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was a truly game that helped breathe life into a fantastic series. Yes, I’m a bit of an Amy Hennig fan, I know. The puzzles; however, were clever, fun, the combat was unusual and refreshing, and the voice acting just superb. As part of the Legacy of Kain collection on the Humble Bundle, Soul Reaver is available for just $1.74 until the sale ends. The downside? There’s no controller support, so I highly advise you to use XPadder or some other similar application that forces controller support as the PC controls are terrible.


The last game worth mentioning especially is Blood Omen 2. Technically the first game chronologically in the collected titles, Blood Omen 2 shows you the viewpoint of Kain. His betrayal at the heart of Nosgoth split time. This is somewhat of a what-if scenario, but still full of the fantastic storytelling and unique gameplay that make up the Legacy of Kain series. For those who are confused, this isn’t technically the first game, but sadly the collection doesn’t include Blood Omen in it. Don’t fret; however, as you can easily acquire the original game in its entirety as a Playstation Classic from PSN for just $5.99. Pretty Reasonable. Blood Omen 2 is just $1.74 and also requires XPadder. The Legacy of Kain collection is only $4.49 and fantastic value. Not a bad game in the series, and if you’re sick of vampires, give it a try. Sale ends at the end of tomorrow.

That’s it for this week. I urge you to pick up every single game mentioned in this article. They are close personal favourites of mine, and quite unlike anything else you will ever play. I especially suggest The Metal Age if you hated the 2014 reboot. Thanks for reading.

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