Author: Barak Bullock

Hello, Nation! My name is Barak Bullock. I’m a 22-year-old average pro gamer from Austin, Texas, whose storied journey into gaming began as a young boy with the timeless Goldeneye 007 on N64. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric & Writing from The University of Texas at Austin.

After I got an Xbox, I started playing games like Halo: Combat Evolved, TimeSplitters 2, NBA Street Volume 2 and Kung Fu Chaos. Then Halo 2 came out, and life was never the same. Four or five Xbox 360s, 58,000 gamerscore, and hundreds of games later, I still consider myself a hardcore gamer.

When I’m not gaming, I read deeply into US politics, listen to death metal, drink exotic coffees and hatch schemes to take over the world.

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