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October 29, 2015

Deus Ex: Revision Refreshes an Old Favorite First Impression

The original Deus Ex for me has always been a beloved craving. Nearly every year or so I am reminded of the classic FPS RPG title and I must reinstall and give it a play-through less the itch for the game scratch at me. Like a comfortable old pair of shoes I install the 2000 classic and arrive on Liberty Island and I’m home. The itch came scratching again about a week ago again, this time in the form of the mod Deus Ex: Revision. 

Deus Ex: Revision takes the original game and gives it a fresh coat of paint while maintaining the old retro feel. Each level is redesigned but still mostly maintains the general layout of the original map. For gamers like myself who has played [...]

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September 16, 2015

Deus Ex and Actor: An Interview with Elias Toufexis

This week, APGNation’s Jordan Handler had the pleasure of speaking with Elias Toufexis, the voice actor behind Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen and Andiry Kobin of the Splinter Cell series. In this exclusive interview, Toufexis talks about his experiences in acting in both television and video games, being Adam Jensen, and being a gamer.

APGNation: Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to answer some of our questions. Could you introduce yourself to our readers who are less familiar with your work?

Elias Toufexis: I’m an actor. I grew up in Montreal, Canada. I presently split my time between Toronto and Los Angeles. I’ve been on a [...]

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March 26, 2015

Gaming on a Budget 3/26/2015 Edition

This week sales are scarce, so it was somewhat slim pickings. We checked through Steam and several bundles, stumbling on many science fiction classics. We hope you will like this week’s suggestions and if there are any games on offer you think we should suggest, don’t hesitate to comment.We’ll try to check them out.

The first offering we have this week is possibly the weakest in the series somewhat, but it is still a very intriguing and immersive experience. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky is set prior to the other games in the series. You play as Scar, one of the inhabitants of the Zone—a large area of severe nuclear activity that has formed after the [...]

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