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June 15, 2015

E3 2015: No Man’s Sky Shows New Gameplay

Hello Games engaged the crowds of Sony’s press conference for E3 earlier this evening with a gameplay demonstration of No Man’s Sky.

The demonstration, coming as a major announcement after near silence for almost half a year, is providing a first look into the depth and progress that the game has made. On display was all the major aspects of the gameplay, including space combat — which will allow for a player to assist any faction they desire to win an ongoing battle — the fast movement between solar systems which is done through a hyperdrive system, and the cataloging of fauna on new planets.

The gameplay continued with the discovery of a new planet called [...]

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June 15, 2015

E3 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst To Be Prequel

Electronic Arts has revealed new details on the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the next game in the Mirror’s Edge franchise.

The game, slated for release on February 23, 2016 and under production by DICE, will be a prequel to Mirror’s Edge and will once again star Faith as the main character. The story will center on her origins into her role for a heroine for the city of Glass, a place where people have lost their personal privacy in exchange for safety. Faith will slowly uncover a hidden truth that lies beneath the pristine surface of the city.

The game will run on the Frostbite engine, and according to EA there will be no levels or load times. Instead [...]

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May 29, 2015

Phantom Breaker Hits the PlayStation 4, This Summer

Japanese game developers 5pb., Inc. and Mages popular beat em’ up Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive is coming to the PlayStation 4 this summer. Previously released on the Xbox One and PC last year, the brawler lets player chose from one of the four different characters and battled their way across multiple stages and hundreds of waves of ruthless and expendable foes. Also to the four heroes, players will also be able to play as Steins;Gate heroine Makise Karisu via DLC that will available as soon as the game hits the PSN.

The PS4 version of the game will also feature several new tweaks to Phantom Breaker‘s symphony of cartoon violence:

New skills and [...]
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May 26, 2015

Need for Speed Returning This Fall

Electronic Art’s Ghost Games has announced the Need for Speed franchise will be receiving a full reboot and a brand new game this fall on Origin for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The announcement made on May 21st stated that the next Need for Speed title will be the first game in a full reboot – in the franchise’s 20 year history – and will deliver on what fans have desired in the series. The game, presently titled Need for Speed, will reportedly have deep customization, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative throughout the game.

“Pulling on our 20 years of history, and then taking a year out from releasing a [...]

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December 16, 2014

New Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Content Out Now

As if Dragon Age: Inquisition didn’t already offer enough content to  keep gamers busy well into the next decade, the fine people at Bioware have unleashed a horde of new multiplayer content to add a bit of variety and awesomeness to your next quest with friends and foes alike. Priced at $10.00 each, these two new expansions brings a literal mountain of new weapons, maps, and gear for players to mess with as they flay the flesh and crush the bones of all who resist them. For a closer look at all of this goodness take a look below:

Skyhold Throne – Every ruler should sit in a place of high honor, but as the Inquisitor you will have the greatest throne of all, [...]
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December 15, 2014

Bloodborne Teases Fans With A Taste

In light of the unfortunate delay on the upcoming action roleplaying PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, From Software decided to be extra evil — earlier today, a tweet was sent out via the Official Bloodborne Twitter account informing fans of a later reveal in three days’ time. The subject of the teased December 18th reveal will be updated information on some of the enemies in the world of Bloodborne.

We did tell you that it really doesn’t reveal anything.

Even more mysterious is a rather obese shambling corpse — or rather, half of one. The image (top) accompanying the tweet shows some humanoid creature brandishing what appears to be a lantern [...]

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December 8, 2014

Bundle Deals Dominate Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Season

The winning strategy for retailers to sell videogames this past Black Friday: bundles, all kinds of bundles!

With no major releases of franchise games or consoles during Black Friday, retailers Walmart and Target offered gamers console bundles that included popular games with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. InfoScout reports from Black Friday showed that Windows won Black Friday in terms of gross sales.

In America, Walmart and Target were offering Xbox One and Assassin’s Creed Unity for $329 while competitor Playstation 4 was bundled at $399 with GTA5 and The Last Of Us Remastered. 

According to InfoScout, XboxOne was the top console sold during Black [...]

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November 24, 2014

Our Nation’s Review of Pix The Cat

Genre: Arcade Developer: Pastagames Release Date: October 8th 2014 Platforms: PS4, PS Vita Price: $16.49  Reviewed On: PS4

There is only one thing you need to know about Pix The Cat. It is pure, unadulterated, old-school fun.

Pix The Cat is one of the best games I have played recently and was a real blast to play. It is fun in its most pure, distilled form. The gameplay is reminiscent of Snake. You play as the titular Pix as you walk over eggs, which turn into ducklings, and you drop them off in little circles. You can get a Perfect if you collect all the ducklings before delivering them. You have to make sure that you don’t get trapped by your growing tail [...]

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November 15, 2014

Sony Brings TV To Your PS4 With Playstation Vue

Sony announced today that they will throw their hat into the Television provider ring with the new Playstation Vue. The service will give users access to over 75 different cable and standard television channels including Animal Planet, National Geographic, Oxygen, Sprout, Syfy, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon for a yet-to-be announced fee. The first trial run of the Vue is rolling out this month for specially selected PS3 and PS4 users, and is expected to launch sometime next year for a general retail release. In addition to working with Sony’s line of videogame consoles, Vue will also be accessible on portable devices like the iPad. [...]

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November 13, 2014

Grand Theft Auto Online By The Numbers – Online Heists Coming Soon

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online component over a year ago, it is only natural to wonder just how many things players have stolen, blown up, destroyed and otherwise committed crimes against over that period of time. Well, thanks to the folks at Rockstar Games, we will not have to wonder much longer, as this nifty chart breaks down the most popular items, clothing, and cars in the game by the number of times they have been used by players online.

As you can see from the statistics, the world has spent a total of 5 million or so hours playing Grand Theft Auto Online over the course of an entire year. That is amazing by any stretch of the imagination and [...]

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